‘Buddy Up!’

‘Buddy Up!‘ is a whole-school model that engages children, school staff and parents/carers in meaningful relationships across schools. The ‘Buddy Up!’ model aligns with curriculum and PD&MU themes.

At the centre of each ‘Buddy Up!’ programme are the pupils. Children from two different schools are paired together for the duration of the programme, giving each child a secure and supportive relationship.

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating Diversity is CRIS’ Key Stage 1 ‘Buddy Up!’ programme. The programme consists of four shared sessions, taking place across partner schools, looking at themes of identity, diversity, empathy, and celebration.

Across the 2019/2020 school year, around 680 pupils, 65 school staff members, and 180 parents/carers have taken part in Celebrating Diversity.

We asked some of the school staff who have worked alongside us to tell us what they thought of the programme. Here’s what they had to say!

The ‘Buddy Up!’ programme engaged the children in fun and active ways. It genuinely fostered good links between the schools and the children

A fantastic opportunity for children where they can make new friends from different backgrounds. Encourages acceptance of others, celebration of differences and empathy.’

A lovely programme which enabled facilitators to tackle potentially difficult or elusive issues in a safe, gentle and encouraging environment

An exciting opportunity for P3’s to take part in a cross-community, intercultural programme aimed at restoring links between local communities

See below for our Celebrating Diversity Pupil Books and a PDMU Grid that shows the programme’s curricular alignment.