Children and Young Peoples Programmes

2 B Children and Young Peoples Programmes

CRIS delivers a large number of workshops and programmes with children and young people of all ages over the course of each school year.  Children and young people are engaged with practical, interactive activities to support learning in an informal, peer-educative style.  This usually comprises co-delivery with teaching and non-teaching staff in order to embed capacity within the school. 

Community/ Good Relations are covered within the NI Curriculum through Citizenship, Learning for Life and Work (LLW), Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) and ‘The World Around Us’.  CRIS has worked with core teams in nursery, primary, special and post-primary schools to develop, pilot, evaluate and embed curriculum and resources at every age and stage.  This includes delivery of lessons and activities in single school settings and on a cross-community basis (using the ‘Buddy Up!’ methodology). 

Examples of curriculum linked CRIS programmes and resources can be located in the Resources section of this website.

In addition to co-delivery of Community Relations work with children and young people, CRIS is also the only organisation in Northern Ireland offering ‘The Unity Project’ to young people aged 14+.  The Unity Project was originally developed by the ‘Center for Preventing Hate’ in Maine in the USA.  It tackles the subtle and overt use of degrading and derogatory language linked to hate.  In particular, this hard-hitting project uses real language to explore the dichotomy between intention behind and impact of abusive language.  It is delivered exclusively by CRIS staff owing to its challenging content.  To date, the project has been delivered in a dozen post-primary schools and teacher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

For further information on this service and others, please contact the CRIS office.