Family Engagement

4 B Family Engagement

CRIS is a leading agent in the provision of high-quality, impactful programmes for parents (and other carers) through schools.  All family work is rooted in the values of restorative practice and seeks to build and strengthen understanding of self and others.  Parents are supported to explore their own experiences of formal and informal education and to invest in greater inter-community sharing for their children and themselves.  This is undertaken through the use of a ‘narrative dialogue’ model.  CRIS facilitates workshops and courses for parents on a cross-community basis around themes including, ‘identity’, ‘conflict’, ‘flags and symbols’ and ‘hope’.  In some cases, preparatory work with parents is undertaken on a single school basis in order to build towards cross-community engagement.  In particular, CRIS is famous for delivering hope-filled family cross-community residential programmes, during which adults work together to build relationships, explore challenging themes and feel empowered to create change.  More information about this powerful programme is available on the CRIS documentary, “A schools-based peace-building approach: Ardoyne and Shankill in their own words” (copies available from the CRIS office). This work is also a core component of the unique CRIS practice (and linked resource), “Buddy Up!”.

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