Inter-School Buddy Systems

1 A Buddy System

CRIS is the leading agent for the delivery and support of Buddy Systems in Norther Ireland – as evidenced by its flagship methodology and resource ‘Buddy Up!’.

‘Buddy Up!’ is an exciting, schools based programme and approach which has been running between school communities for more than a decade.  It was created by three organisations: CRIS, Holy Cross Nursery School and Edenderry Nursery School and is now being rolled out in schools across Northern Ireland. CRIS advocates for integration of some aspects of the ‘Buddy Up!’ model into all eight key areas of its work.

More than 90% of children and young people in Northern Ireland are educated separately, with limited opportunities for meaningful cross-community engagement. Buddy Up! is a creative, simple way for schools, children, families and communities to meet across the traditional divide, as they learn, play and share stories with each other.

The ‘Buddy Up!’ programme has already reached more than 1500 pupils and families in Belfast, Co. Down, Co. Antrim and Co. Tyrone. It is our vision that it will contribute to peace building in Northern Ireland by working with thousands more families in rural and urban areas over the years to come. 

For a copy of the resource, “Buddy Up! A Whole School Community Resource for Sharing in Education”, or to discuss how you can develop your own school Buddy Sytem, then please contact the CRIS office on the details provided.