Peace Study Programmes

CRIS provides local and international study groups with facilitated peace studies programmes, lasting for one or two days during which time, participants learn about the work and practice of CRIS.  In addition, opportunities for field visits to other organisations and key Northern Irish landmarks and cultural centres provide depth and context to learning.  This programme is delivered in partnership with a local tourism company and is interactive and thought-provoking.  Critically, CRIS provides a balanced experience of Belfast and is keen to present the modern, vibrant local culture in the context of our divided past.

This service is ideally suited for visiting universities, peace groups and practitioners interested in learning more about Northern Ireland but is also available to those who are already based within Northern Ireland and wish to broaden their experience and understanding.

The main picture is of students from Keene State College, New Hampshire, USA – who worked with CRIS in January 2015 as part of the sociological study of the Island of Ireland.

If you would like more information on this service or wish to discuss a potential booking, please contact the CRIS office on the details provided.