Northern Ireland Cultural Resource Kit

The CRIS ‘Northern Ireland Cultural Resource Kit’ has been developed by the staff of ‘Community Relations In Schools’ as a tool for teachers, facilitators and participants to explore the history and meaning of a variety of different flags and symbols that are relevant to living in Northern Ireland. The use of flags and symbols remains one of the most contested issues in Northern Ireland and it is important to recognise that some can evoke strong emotions of belonging and appreciation but also of anger and contempt.  It is crucial that levels of knowledge increase in order to improve the understanding for why and how flags and symbols are used and, in turn, promote the use of flags and symbols in a way that encourages mutual respect rather than division.

The ‘Northern Ireland Cultural Resource Kit’ includes:

  • “A Guide to Working with Flags and Symbols”
  • A cross section of both official and non-official National, Cultural and Community Flags which are present in Northern Ireland
  • A selection of International Flags representing some of the larger international communities present in Northern Ireland
  • Multiple Religious Symbols
  • Multiple Cultural Symbols
  • Historic/ commemorative pins and badges
  • Iconography

The ‘Northern Ireland Cultural Resource Kit’ can be purchased as a stand alone resource. CRIS also offer training for those wishing to develop their practice further. To receive more information on this resource, to order your own “Kit” or to discuss training opportunities, please contact the CRIS office on the details provided.