A Guide to Working with Flags and Symbols

A Guide to Working with Flags and Symbols

Through decades of practice, CRIS has developed a unique approach to delivering Flags and Symbols workshops with children, young people and adults of all ages, identities and backgrounds. We recognise that, for some, this can be challenging work but we believe that, if facilitated intentionally and with preparation, it can lead to fulfilling conversations of understanding and change. With that in mind, we have developed a detailed resource to support teachers, facilitators and community members to facilitate this essential dialogue and information sharing process.

“A Guide to Working with Flags and Symbols” offers a comprehensive overview of many of the flags (official and non-official) and cultural and religious symbols present in Northern Ireland. This also includes a representation of the international cultures and communities that make up Northern Irish life today. The resource has four key components:

  1. Methodology, approaches and links to the Northern Ireland Curriculum inclusive of suggested session plans
  2. Fact Based information about flags and symbols – recognising that many myths and misunderstandings exist.
  3. Opinion/ story based information about flags and symbols – recognising that for many it is the deeply held beliefs and attachments that provoke the most passionate responses
  4. A detailed “Symbols Cards” section inclusive of mural images, uniformed groups, religious iconography and other cultural symbols designed as a “pull out” resource to promote curiousity, discussion and understanding.

This is best used in conjunction with the “Northern Ireland Cultural Resource Kit” but is also designed for the use as a stand alone resource. Training to support use of the resource in school and community settings is also available through CRIS.

If you would like more information on this resource and associated training programmes, or if you wish to purchase it, please contact the CRIS office on the details provided.