Values, Ethos and Policy Development

Values B

Through this bespoke service, schools are supported to explore and include Community and Good Relations systems and themes into their school policies, ethos and mission. CRIS passionately advocates on the inherent value of all individuals and there utilises values exploration as a tool for policy and ethos development. Schools are supported to develop Good Relations policies and approaches which are based on individual and collective value. It is our experience that this approach has an extremely positive impact on collective identity and also enhances other policies and approaches such as Child Protection, Positive Behaviour, Anti-Bullying.

This has been particularly effective in schools that have extended their school values work into children’s assemblies, school logos, uniforms and so on.  Ethos, Mission, Values and Good Relations Policies are developed with representatives of the whole school body to ensure that the document is something that is ‘living’ within the daily life of the school (as opposed to gathering dust on a shelf!)

For further information on this service and others, please contact the CRIS office.