Staff Development and Training

3 B Staff Training

CRIS recognises the importance of supporting staff to explore their own feelings, attitudes and beliefs towards Community Relations themes before they go on to work with children and young people.  It is CRIS’s experience that investment in whole staff team training (both teaching and non-teaching), provides a fantastic opportunity to embed the awareness and approaches of Community Relations work in the whole school institution. As well as being highly effective this approach is also excellent value for money.

Staff training can be delivered on a single school basis, within two school ‘twinnings’, or in area-based clusters of schools.  CRIS works with schools to develop bespoke staff training programmes covering core Community Relations themes including; ethos, values and policy; identity, diversity and conflict; embedded curriculum; and the “Buddy Up!” approach.

Schools can also access pre-designed accredited and non-accredited training programmes. These include;

  • OCN Level 1 & 2 in Participation and Community Relations
  • OCN Level 2 in Relationship Building and Group Work
  • Games, Energisers and Icebreakers
  • Working with Flags and Symbols

For further information on this service and others, please contact the CRIS office.