Teacher Training

CRIS works in close partnership with Stranmillis and St Mary’s Teacher Training Colleges delivering on core aspects of the shared, student teacher DMU (Diversity and Mutual Understanding) training programme. CRIS also supported their recent IFI CREDIT (Classrooms Re-imagined: Education in Diversity and Inclusion for Teachers ) Project.


On an annual basis CRIS delivers on a number of streams of the inter-college student teacher training DMU Programme. This includes

  • Facilitation of single college and inter-college Community Relations training workshops for Year 1 and 2 student teachers.
  • Design and delivery of student facilitator training programme (inclusive of an intensive residential, immersion programme).
  • Lecture inputs for Year 4 student teachers
  • Lecture inputs for PGCE students
  • Participation on the inter-college steering group for DMU


Between 2011 and 2014 CRIS was a strategic delivery agent on the IFI funded inter-college CREDIT Programme. The main focus of the project was to provide substantive in-service courses for serving teachers in Northern Ireland in primary and post-primary schools to help them develop awareness and skills in dealing with division, diversity, inclusion and community cohesion in the classroom and on a whole-school basis.

CRIS provided input in the project at three levels

  1. An introductory course for participants who feel they would like to develop basic skills in this area.
  2. A more in-depth course aimed at equipping more experienced participants to embed good practice in this area into their own settings.
  3. Development and direction input for the project Steering Group.