The MFT Partnership

The MFT Partnership

“Promoting good relations between children, young people and the wider community in the Antrim and Randalstown Area.”

CRIS is the community partner of a new education peace-building  partnership Antrim and Randalstown Schools: Moving Forward Together (MFT). MFT was born out of the CRIS/ IFI ‘Whole School Community Approaches’ Project (2009 – 2013) and is a partnership of 18 schools within the Antrim and Randalstown Areas. CRIS supports the Chair, Steering Group and broader Partnership Group with strategic direction, planning and funding, policy development and project delivery. CRIS is currently funded by the Community Relations Council (CRC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland (DFA) to continue its support for the partnership over the next development period.

MFT Timeline and Recent Activities:

  • Oct 2013 – Jan 2014: IFI Evaluation/ Discussion on “Where next?”
  • Jan 2014: Formal Formation
  • Feb – Sept 2014: Partnership, Programme and Policy Development
  • Sept 2014: Shared CRED (Community Relations, Equality and Diversity) Training for Senior Managers, Teachers and Board of Governors. This training was delivered by NEELB
  • December 2014: Formal Partnership Launch and Sporting Diversity Project (Supported by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council and The Enkalon Foundation)
  • Jan/ Feb 2015: Partnership Planning for forthcoming training and project work
  • March 2015: Exploration of Shared Education
  • March/ April 2015: Development of shared process for student transition between Primary and Post-primary Partnership Schools
  • April 2015: Joint MFT Shared Education Development Days
  • May 2015: Peer Mediation Training for Primary School staff
  • June 2015: Wellbeing Training for Nursery and Primary School Staff

MFT Objectives:

  1. To promote partnership, sharing and collaboration within and between school communities in the Antrim and Randalstown Area.
  2. To explore the roles of schools within the Antrim and Randalstown Area as Community Centres and Community Builders.
  3. To explore and develop area based approaches to Community Relations

 MFT Strands:

  1. Education: pupil programmes, staff training, curriculum programmes and resources, extracurricular activities and events.
  2. Community: reaching out to communities, family engagement, inter-agency support and approaches, community events.
  3. Planning and Advocacy: Promoting sharing and collaboration in the area, one shared voice, access to funding for vision.

MFT Schools:

  • Steeple Nursery School, Antrim
  • St Joseph’s Nursery School, Antrim
  • Antrim Primary School, Antrim
  • St Joseph’s Primary School, Antrim
  • St Comgall’s Primary School, Antrim
  • Greystone Primary School, Antrim
  • Roundtower Integrated Primary School, Antrim
  • Sixmilewater Integrated Primary School, Antrim
  • Ballycraigy Primary School, Antrim
  • Riverside Special School, Antrim
  • Maine Integrated Primary School, Randalstown
  • Creggan Primary School, Randalstown
  • Randalstown Central Primary School, Randalstown
  • Mount St Michael’s Primary School, Randalstown
  • Parkhall Integrated College, Antrim
  • St Benedict’s College, Randalstown
  • Antrim Grammar, Antrim