Wider Collaboration and Sharing in Education

Wider Collaboration and Sharing in Education

CRIS plays an active role in supporting and promoting collaboration between schools and other community partners.  CRIS signposts and builds links between school communities, statutory services, organisations and community stakeholders.  CRIS’ core focus here is to provide effective guidance; supporting the development of collaborations from the initial relationship forming stages through to the realisation of shared vision and objectives.

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Examples of CRIS Collaborative Practice

Antrim and Randalstown: Moving Forward Together (MFT)

CRIS supported the formation of the “Antrim and Randalstown: Moving Forward Together (MFT)” Partnership which is a collaboration of 18 schools across a specific geographical area. It is made up of schools from the nursery, primary, special, post-primary, controlled, maintained and integrated sectors. 

This partnership is a legacy of the CRIS/ IFI ‘Whole School Community Approaches’ Project (2009 – 13). It is as unique in its make up as it is in its mission and vision. CRIS is the community/ voluntary partner within the group and is currently supporting MFT to realise their full potential. The MFT mission statement is; “Promoting good relations between children, young people and the wider community in the Antrim and Randalstown Area.”


Cookstown ‘Community Relations Association of Families Together’ (CRAFT)

In the Cookstown area, the work of CRIS has supported the establishment and development of a ground-breaking, grass-roots family group called Cookstown CRAFT. This fully constituted group was established by an inspired group of parents/ carers who had participated in CRIS’ family community relations programmes. Eager to continue to provide cross-community opportunities for themselves and their children they have grown CRAFT into an organisation that routinely provides shared activities for families from across the Cookstown area. CRIS continues to support the group and is currently the learning from Cookstown which is inspiring similar movements in other geographical areas.

Both MFT and CRAFT are unique examples of shared education which have developed and grown creatively and naturally with the support of CRIS.