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CRIS Organisational Cycle

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The work of CRIS was born out of the real and experienced context of living in a contested society. We work with individuals, schools and communities at whatever point they are on in their journey to support the development of a truly shared society.


The work of CRIS is intentionally designed to support the development of “a sense of community” within schools and the wider society in which they are based. We believe that the development of community is a central aspect of educational delivery and active school life. CRIS supports schools to explore, enhance and embed this approach.


We believe that we all have the capacity to be peace builders within our own communities and beyond. At CRIS we seek to harness and nourish this capacity to ensure that all who have a stake or role in education are supported to become agents of change for themselves and others.


At CRIS we recognise that change is a constant which is both life-giving and challenging. Through our work we seek to support school communities to work through change in a way that ensures all stakeholders have a recognised role in transforming wider society into a shared society

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