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Welcome to 'Buddy Up!' Online

We are delighted to present our first online pupil programmes as part of 'Buddy Up!' Online.

Alongside our school partners, we have been adapting our 'Buddy Up!' programmes for online use by any teachers, at any time.

Our Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 'Buddy Up!' online programmes feature songs, stories, activities & opportunities to 'Buddy Up!' with a partner school.

School staff can use these resources to explore themes such as identity, community, culture, empathy and diversity.

We've also developed a teacher guide featuring tips and tricks that we've picked from running the online programme!​

If you're a parent or a teacher, 'Buddy Up!' Online is for you!

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Buddy Up! Online

Buddy Up! Online

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P3 Teacher - Lisburn

"In this country is there any better thing we can teach our children than to understand and appreciate each other’s culture, individuality and celebrate differences rather than seeing them as a negative thing.

Doing this at a young age can make a huge difference on how a child thinks and acts towards someone who is different to them.


The collection of Buddy Up programmes online makes this a really accessible, easy to use tool and I would highly recommend it to any Primary School teacher!"

P7 Teacher - West Belfast

"It was great to introduce children to history and culture for where they live through identity work.

[The programme] was very straightforward and easy to follow."

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