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The GRACE Model

The mission of CRIS is to be a leading agent of change in shaping an inclusive, peaceful and safe society where everyone has hope and the opportunity to learn and grow. This media resource draws together the learning and experience gained by CRIS over decades from its practice in promoting inclusive school communities as part of building a shared society. The culmination of which has led to the consolidation of its model of practice in Good Relations and Collaborative Education (GRACE). Throughout the next decade, CRIS will leverage and share its practice, wisdom and expertise regarding Good Relations and Collaborative Education (GRACE) as it works towards a more vibrant society built on compassion, mutual understanding and hope.
This newly developed digital media resource is accompanied by a practice guide document. Each will serve as guidance to the five stages of the GRACE model and profile its implementation through five case study demonstrations. Each case-study features a different stage of collaboration which can be accessed directly. Case-studies will take a step-by-step overview of five stages of collaboration and outline key insights gained through practice at each point.
The final video link offers a commentary on the GRACE model from Jaqueline Irwin the CEO of one of CRIS’s core funders the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, and Professor John Brewer of the Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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