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About CRIS

CRIS is a multi-disciplinary, education charity specifically established to support and promote greater sharing, understanding and reconciliation for all. We work with all ages and backgrounds across both formal and informal settings promoting the unique location and potential of the whole school community to become agents of grassroots peacebuilding, this includes:

  • School Development: Inclusive values, ethos, and school level policy development to promote Good Relations

  • Staff Support: Personal and professional development programmes for school staff to build facilitation skill delivering contentious and contested conflict topics

  • Curriculum development: Expand and offer specialist training to support Key Stage 1- 4 linked from PDMU, Citizenship, Learning for Life and Work curriculum

  • Whole-school approaches: Leadership development for Principals and Senior Management wishing to embed whole-school approaches to Good Relations

  • Inter-school Buddy programmes: To promote pupil, staff and parent Buddy partnerships. For example, through inter-school Buddy Up! Programmes

  • GRACE (Good Relations and Collaborative Approaches):  Multi-sector locally based collaborative networks and school community partnership development

  • Everyday Peacebuilding: Community and Family Engagement peacebuilding programmes linked to the school community

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