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'Buddy Up!' Online

Key Stage 2 -

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Hi! Welcome to 'Buddy Up!' Online and Knowing Me, Knowing You.


This online programme includes videos, quizzes, and art activities that can be accessed in class or at home.


Knowing Me, Knowing You is an engaging and educational journey through the themes of identity (at individual, community & cultural level), conflict, symbols, emblems & diversity.

It is designed for Key Stage 2 and fully aligns with the NI Personal Development & Mutual Understanding (PDMU) curriculum.

We've also developed a teacher guide featuring tips and tricks for online school partnership working.

Scroll down for a week-by-week overview of Knowing Me, Knowing You and to access all the available videos and worksheets.

We hope you enjoy 'Buddy Up!' Online!

Week 1

My Identity!

To start our programme, Gareth will introduce Identity, which is who we are & how we are and ask you to explore your own identity through art!

Week 2

Community & Culture

In Week 2, we'll be discussing Community, Culture and the groups around us, with activities and quizzes.

Week 3

Personal Symbols

Week 3 is all about symbols that are important to us and the meaning we give to them!

Week 4

Personal Symbols

For the last week of Knowing Me, Knowing You, we'll be exploring some personal & local symbols and what they mean

Anchor 1

Week 1 - My Identity!

Gareth begins our programme by talking about Identity, that is who we are & how we are.

After watching the video, complete the worksheet below asking you to consider the different aspects that make up our Identity. You can print this out or easily draw your own version at home! 😎

Identity Worldcloud Download

Week 1 - Identity Collage

The second video of Week 1 will show you how to make an Identity Collage to show the things that make up who you are.

Grab some paper, pencils, and get creative!

You can also ask your teacher what the best way of sharing your Identity Collage would be - either with your class or your partner class.

Anchor 2

Week 2 - Community

This week, we'll be discussing Community and the groups around us.

After watching the video, download a worksheet below that explores the different types of communities. You can print this out or create your own at home! 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Community Worksheet Download

Week 2 - Culture

Our second video this week will explore the idea of Culture and the different ways of life around the world.

Below this video, there's a Culture worksheet, wordsearch & a special Culture Matching Quiz.

Share your score with your partner class!

Culture Worksheet Download

Culture Wordsearch Download

Anchor 3

Week 3 - Personal Symbols (Part 1)

This week we'll be looking at the world of personal symbols!

Gareth & Néidín will share some symbols that are important to them and the story behind them.

Anchor 4

Week 4 - Personal Symbols (Part 2)

For our last week, we'll continue exploring personal symbols!

Gerard will be sharing his personal symbols & we'll be asking you to do the same.


Have a think about a symbol that's important to you and complete the worksheet below.

Personal Symbols Worksheet

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