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CRIS believes that schools hold a key location for peacebuilding and enable good relations within pupils; parents; communities and staff teams. Senior leaders are pivotally important in inspiring vision, acting as role models, setting school policy, and allocating budgets to priortise building a vision for sharing.
The context of school life over the last 18 months has presented many challenges (covid and restrictions; lack of opportunities for meaningful collaboration with other schools in your locality; lack of Shared Education for pupils; new challenges for pupil life; adapting and re-adapting; managing new risks linked to pupils and teachers; financial challenges and resource needs and allocations).
As you reflect over this time, how has working with CRIS helped you or your school in the following areas? How might it continue to do so in the future?

It is possible to make more than one selection for each statement, eg you may think we have done some of this but also want more in the future.


Please complete and submit by Friday 5th November by 5pm

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