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Buddy Up: Be Inspired! Film

CRIS could not let the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement pass without honouring the positive change that has happened since that time and to celebrate 25 years of peace and friendship between Edenderry and Holy Cross Nursery Schools and the families they serve. CRIS developed the Be Inspired film using recent archive material and footage from the Buddy Up Interschool Education Resource that was formally launched on 30th March 2023 at Movie House Cinema Yorkgate.

The purpose of the film is to encourage schools to implement the buddy system into their Shared Education partnerships and to highlight the multiple positive impacts that have been possible by the collective efforts of everyday peacebuilders, school staff, pupils, and their parents/carers over 25 years, in an area of North Belfast that is often marred in the media. At CRIS, we hope to raise awareness of collective school-based peace action and lift up the voices of families and schools who aspire and work towards building understanding and friendships that transcend traditional divisions. We hope this film inspires YOU and connects us into a vision of a reconciled society based on empathy and compassion, trust and respect. We hope you enjoy!

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